Aloha! I’m Nono Ayuso, commercials and videoclip director. I’m based in London, but with an international trajectory which has lead me to work in countries like England, Spain, Chile, Kenia or Lebanon, for brands like Microsoft, Leroy Merlin, Dove, Nestlé or Tate; hand in hand with agencies including  JWT London, Shackleton and FCB.

My specialty is to tell stories, but not to tell them in a conventional way, to find a way that allows us to move from ideas to a tangible and accurate reality, always with HONESTY.  And that reality is impregnated by something that overwhelms us humans: EMOTION.

 Awards: Winner of 2 Lovie Awards (Gold – People) awarded by the Institute of New Arts and Sciences of New York. Winner of the Best Music Video of the Five Continents International Festival for the Videoclip of Leonor Watling and Kanaku and the Tiger

KT&W Batucada

International Olympic Committee_Game Breakers_Carolina Marí­n

Clip Reel 2017

CMR Falabella

Cinnamon Fireball

Lota Protein Manifesto

Dove Dermo Aclarant

Windows 10 #1

Hazte Lapon – Sólo Diós Dirá

Windows 10 #2

Leroy Merlin

Salvadores Fantasmas Fuera

TATE Who is Wolfgang Tillmans?